Janet ThomasHi, I’m Janet! I have a love and passion for the fitness industry and the outdoors. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2009, and working mother of two boys, I can relate to the challenges people face in finding time to fit in regular exercise. I know how difficult it can be sticking to your exercise routine, especially when doing it all alone. Having a personal trainer there to coach you along the way can make it a lot easier to stick with your fitness goals. I not only enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, but also enjoy helping others become healthy and fit. My goal is to help you achieve your goals!

Making a lifestyle change is not easy, it takes time for new habits to become a permanent part of your life. Sometimes the support of another is just what you need to help you get through the hard times and not give up. Long term change doesn’t happen overnight. It is not the product of a quick fad diet or week-long exercise program. Change comes from a commitment to yourself to make positive lifestyle changes that you enjoy and can maintain for a lifetime. To have someone that can help you set realistic and reasonable goals and help keep you motivated toward them can be very helpful. It is my intent to be that supporting role. Clients have told me that it makes a difference just to have a trainer to be accountable to, and to turn to with questions and support. As your trainer I will keep you motivated and moving in a positive direction!

I work with a wide variety of people from mildly overweight to overly obese, young, seniors and elderly, underweight, beginner exercisers, returning exercisers, advanced and competitive athletes and everyone in between. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, to maintain your fitness or body transformation and competitions, you will enjoy variety in your exercise routine and keep workouts interesting and fun!

So whether you are looking for that little motivational boost, or have a more specific goal in mind, I will help you every step of the way. I am very passionate about being a  personal trainer. I truly enjoy working with and meeting new people, and most of all I love seeing results! It is just as rewarding and motivating for me as it is for my clients. I train every client according to their own personal needs and preferences. If you want to be pushed, I will push you, if you feel uncomfortable with exercise I will give you that challenge push you need and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

I work with individuals and groups in gym settings as well as outside of the gym in businesses and facilities, at home and online settings. No equipment, no problem! I will provide the fitness equipment for your remote or at home personal training sessions in Lake Placid, NY and nearby locations. 

If my personal training services interest you, or if you have questions, please Contact Me via my website, send me an email directly at training@getjackedwithjanet.com or call me at 607.373.9753. I look forward to hearing from you!


Janet Thomas

ACE Approved


Janet’s knowledge base and gifted motivational skills not only helped me reach my weight loss goal for the period, but more importantly, markedly improved my health. I began with a cholesterol level of 489. The doctors like that number to be under 100.  At the end of the program, my doctor was able to take me off the Crestor completely. The drop in that was more impressive and satisfying than the weight loss. Janet truly is a life alterer. Her determination, commitment and follow through are a recipe for success. If you are looking to live a healthier life, Janet’s program is virtually guaranteed. Get Jacked with Janet is the weigh to lose.” ~Robin S.

“To anyone who is thinking of going and not sure, you don’t have to be young, fit, thin or even able, Janet CAN make your life better and fun !!!!!!!!! Thank you Janet for helping me to feel better about being able to do your Janet Camp and feel better about ME !!!!!” ~Joyce Z.